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Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost Book & Album Signing plus live set with The Shitkicker Rebellion

December 10, 2022

Just prior to the Book and album signing will be a short throwback LIVE set by THE SHITKICKER REBELLION who are: Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost-Lead Vocal, Harmonica; Rick Cona-Bass; Paul Morabito-Guitar; Zachary Koch-Drums; Ryan Moore-Keyboards-Guitar. Rick Cona was a founding member of the Chesterfield Kings along with Greg, the late Doug Meech (drums) and Bob Ames, the original guitar player in the band in 1978. After 3 guitar player changes between 1978 and 1979, Rick switched from bass to guitar in 1980 and appeared on the band’s first 4 albums (‘Here Are The Chesterfield Kings’ / ‘Stop!’ / ‘Don’t Open Till Doomsday’ / and ‘Night Of The Living Eyes’). Paul Morabito was the guitar player in the band from 2001 to the end of the band’s existence and appeared on the band’s last 3 albums (‘Mindbending Sounds’ / ‘Psychedelic Sunrise’ and ‘Live Onstage If You Want it’). Prior to joining the Chesterfield Kings, Paul was in the Grinders, then the Moviees; he is still active on the music scene. Zachary Koch and Ryan Moore are both members of the NOW-happening LOW SPIRITS; their reputation is on the rise on both sides of the ocean with a single out now and an album on the way. Both are also formerly of St. Phillips Escalator, a band that worked together with Greg on their first album and shared bills with the Chesterfield Kings throughout the 2000’s. Zach was also involved with the Chesterfield Kings in the band’s last years “on loan” from St. Phillips Escalator, and appeared on the band’s last album ‘Live Onstage If You Want It.’ He also appeared on Greg ‘ Stackhouse’ Prevost’s ‘Mississipi Murderer’ and ‘Universal Vagrant’ albums. NOTE----THIS IS THE SHITKICKER REBELLION …. THIS IS NOT a CHESTERFIELD KINGS reunion. This is NOT the Chesterfield Kings. BUT it is THE CLOSEST thing to that if such a thing exists. Dust off your mod threads and granny glasses---This is a ONE TIME ONLY appearance! Are You Gonna Be There

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