Boss CUBE Street 2 – 2×6.5″ 10-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp


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For years, CUBE Street series amplifiers have reinforced buskers across the world. Now, with CUBE Street 2, you get a portable battery-powered amp that has more than enough power to project to the entire crowd. This 10-watt amp is loaded with 6.5-inch speakers and has two channels for lush stereo operation. It has enough I/O to handle any combination of vocal mics, guitars, and basses, along with keyboards and drum machines. Run your signal through the full range of onboard effects to give your performance a final polish. When you start your set, use i-CUBE LINK to record or stream your performance to your platform of choice.

Get great sound no matter where you are

If you have a CUBE Street 2 with you, you can transform any environment into a performance-worthy venue. The amp weighs just under 10 pounds and can do some seriously heavy lifting once you load it with eight AA batteries. In addition, it comes equipped with a pair of 6.5-inch speakers to give you a clear and precise sound — whether you’re using it as a PA or amplifier. You can also purchase an optional BT-Dual adapter and enjoy Bluetooth audio playback and a host of wireless controls to take your sets to the next level.

Flexible features

Vocalists and instrumentalists alike will find that the CUBE Street 2 can handle any setup and performance situation. For vocals, plug into the Mic/Instrument channel to access a harmonizer with three settings, 3-band EQ, and reverb to help you sound your best. Next, run your guitar through the Guitar/Mic channel and take advantage of nine built-in amps, EQ, chorus/delay, reverb, and a tuner. Finally, for more extended sets, engage Eco mode to maximize your runtime. No matter your musical style or performance needs, the BOSS CUBE Street 2 is ready to go the distance.

i-CUBE LINK connects with your iOS devices

Roland’s innovative i-CUBE LINK interface gives you easy, quick connectivity with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You get two-way communication with your iOS devices, so you can jam with music tracks and send studio-grade guitar tones directly to your favorite recording apps. The i-CUBE LINK jack may also be used as a regular stereo input, letting you plug in virtually any music player or audio device and play it through your CUBE Street 2. The companion CUBE JAM app (available free from the App Store) turns your iOS device into a versatile jamming, recording, and learning station.

  • Extremely portable 10-watt combo amplifier
  • Ideal for guitars, vocals, keys, and drum machines
  • Flexible connection options accommodate most performers
  • Onboard effects polish your signal
  • Built-in tuner helps you sound your best
  • Automatic harmonizer fills out vocal arrangements
  • Compatible with i-CUBE LINK for recording and livestreaming performances
  • Eco mode extends battery life
  • Runs on eight AA batteries or included power adapter

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CUBE Street 2 – 2×6.5" 10-watt Battery Powered Combo Amp


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