Bridge Aquila Series 4 Electric Violin Black-Purple


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The Bridge Aquila violin features a hollow body made of a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite. The enclosed air resonates to provide a rich amplified violin sound while maintaining the strength and durability of a solid body instrument.

SIZE4/4TUNING4 strings (GDAE)PICKUPBridgePICKUP TYPEPiezoELECTRONICSActiveCONTROLSVolume, Tone tiltOUTPUTS1/4-inch (6.5 mm)STRINGSThomastik-Infeld DominantSTRINGS COMPATIBILITYUse any stringsFINGERBOARDEbonyTUNERSEbony pegsCHIN RESTSide mountedTAILPIECEComposite with fine tunersCASECustom case includedThis Violin is in great playing, sounding, and aesthetic condition, bearing virtually no signs of wear and tear. At most what may be found are a couple very light surface scratches. Otherwise this Violin is about as clean as can be! 

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Bridge Aquila


Series 4 Electric Violin


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