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Taking inspiration from their classic 1970s bass designs, Charvel serves up a hot-rodded, thoroughly contemporary instrument for demanding bass players with the Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V. While the PJ V has a familiar feel, a slew of modern upgrades — including a baked maple neck, a Charvel HiMass Bridge, and an active 3-band EQ — take this instrument into stunning new sonic territories. This combination of old-school aesthetics and contemporary appointments is also represented in the Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V’s pairing of a DiMarzio Area J pickup and Charvel 5 String Split Coil P bass pickup, which merges warm, vintage tones with pristine, hum-free operation. Onstage and in the studio, the Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V is an all-around excellent performer!

Familiar look with modern flair

The Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V inherits its sleek body shape from Charvel’s 1970s San Dimas basses. With its classic contours, the Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V has a familiar feel, but with a deep cutaway for accessing the upper register. A rear-control cavity rout design and the absence of a scratchplate put the alder body’s gorgeous gloss finish on full display and highlights the sleek black pickup covers and glistening chrome hardware, including the rock-solid Charvel HiMass bridge.

Sweet-sounding DiMarzio pickup and active electronics

Underneath the Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V’s handsome black pickup covers rests a DiMarzio Area J and Charvel 5-string split-coil P bass Pickup. The vintage-voiced Area J provides an exceedingly warm and smooth tone that complements this bass’s extended range. In comparison, Charvel’s Split Coil P Bass Pickup delivers all the low-end, punchy tones you could ever ask for!

Immensely playable Charvel Speed neck

The Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V takes the Speed neck formula to the next level by pairing it with baked maple for enhanced stability and an upscale look. On top of that, a 12-inch to 16-inch compound radius opens the fingerboard to upper-scale acrobatics, making it hard to resist slipping a ripping bass solo into every song! A hand-rubbed satin urethane finish completes the package, eliminating sticky-neck syndrome.

  • Hot-rodded take on a classic bass style
  • Alder body with a stunning gloss finish
  • Eye-catching chrome hardware, including Charvel HiMass bridge, open-gear tuning machines, and vintage string trees
  • Comfortable Charvel Speed profile baked maple neck; 12–16-inch compound radius
  • Versatile tone machine with active electronics, 3-band EQ, and DiMarzio Area J and Charvel split-coil P bass pickups
  • Thumb wheel truss rod adjustment

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Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass PJ V


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