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The Best Sounding Dano Ever Made?

Is the ‘64XT the best sounding Dano electric guitar ever made? Danelectro thinks so. So does Guitar Player magazine — it won their coveted Editors’ Pick seal of approval. One thing’s for sure: no matter how many guitars you own, the ‘64XT won’t sound like any of them. Its ultra-resonant chambered body sounds unique enough on its own. But, the real fun starts when you plug the ‘64XT in. Its dual Lipstick bridge humbucker blends raw power with a chiming, jangling tone, while its large-housing single-coil neck pickup yields aggressive low mids and amp-punishing output. Beyond that, you can split the bridge humbucker for even more tonal options. The Danelectro ‘64XT includes a Wilkinson vibrato tailpiece, graphite nut, and near-bulletproof gloss polyester finish.

Lightweight chambered body resonates like crazy

Thanks to its chambered body, the ‘64XT possesses a one-of-a-kind sound. It resonates like it’s nobody’s business, yet it’s solid enough to lend a generous helping of sustain to your solos. And you’ll appreciate its light weight after a long gig or session. What’s more, this guitar’s classic offset shape is as comfortable as it is eye-catchingly cool.

Unique pickup configuration equals one-of-a-kind tone

Another reason why the Danelectro ‘64XT doesn’t sound like any other guitar out there is its unique pickup configuration. A dual Lipstick bridge humbucker combines raw power with a chiming, jangling tone. This pickup exhibits plenty of fat, warm bottom end, and the air and sparkle on its top end are downright ethereal. At the neck, you’ll find a vintage-style, large-housing single-coil. This pickup is smooth and warm with aggressive low mids, and it can easily push a verge-of-breaking-up amp into the crunch zone. What’s more, its touch sensitivity is second to none. The ‘64XT includes a master volume, as well as a master tone with a push-pull switch for splitting the bridge humbucker.

Wilkinson vibrato provides excellent tuning stability

Executing vibrato, warbles, and other expressive whammy effects is a breeze with the Dano ‘64XT, thanks to its vintage-style Wilkinson vibrato. This rock-solid tailpiece includes saddles that lock to a hardened-steel baseplate. The result is enhanced tuning stability, string energy transfer, and sustain. Many guitarists here swear by Wilkinson vibratos for their durability and reliability.

Danelectro ’64XT Features:

  • Lightweight chambered body lends extra resonance to your tone
  • Dual Lipstick bridge humbucker combines raw power with a chiming, jangling tone
  • Large-housing single-coil neck pickup yields aggressive low mids and ample output
  • Push-pull switch splits the bridge humbucker for spanky single-coil tones
  • Pau ferro-topped, C-shaped neck was built for speed
  • Wilkinson vibrato tailpiece makes expressive whammy effects easy
  • Graphite nut reduces string binding
  • Near-bulletproof gloss polyester finish

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