Diezel Herbert Pedal 2-channel Overdrive and Preamp


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Power, articulation, and gain are all words that define Diezel Amplification’s flagship all-tube amp head, the Herbert. Today, you can have all that performance in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure, with the Diezel Herbert Pedal. Crafted after the exact preamp section found in the amp, the Herbert Pedal puts that same tone and response in a much more manageable package. Not only will you find that the controls and tone are replicated with precision, but you’re even able to control the pedal’s trademark Midcut circuit with the tap of your toe. Whether you use it as a preamp or distortion pedal, it’s never been easier to get Diezel tones than it is with the Herbert Pedal.

Iconic metal amp in a pedal

The Diezel Herbert is the most powerful and potent amplifier in the Diezel lineup. Its punch, savage gain, and ability to remain tight throughout the range of its controls have made it the go-to high-gain amp for players and studios all over the world. While the Herbert is capable of crystal cleans, it’s the amp’s more aggressive personality that is covered in the Herbert Pedal. Gravitating somewhere between channels two and three on the amp, this pedal delivers the same startling high-gain intensity and grinding detail of its namesake amplifier.

Amp-like control over your tone

At the heart of the Herbert Pedal’s character is its Deep (resonance) control. Active in the final output stage of the pedal, the Deep knob allows you to fine-tune your tone’s low-end punch in a way you can’t achieve with traditional EQ or tone controls. The Presence control helps you find just the right amount of bite to cut through a mix without making your signal too harsh. But the real magic lies in the pedal’s footswitchable Midcut circuit — just like the amp — that allows you to switch in a variable tonal shift to your sound on the fly.

Distortion pedal and a preamp in one

One way the Diezel Herbert Pedal stands above other high-gain pedals is in its ability to be used as a fully independent preamp. Run your guitar into the Herbert Pedal and then into either your amp’s effects loop input or directly into a standalone power amp and then to a speaker cabinet. You’ll be enjoying authentic Diezel tones as they were intended. But if you decide to run a more traditional pedal setup into your amp’s clean channel, then you’ll find the Herbert Pedal works equally well for delivering its dominating tones.

This will include its original power supply as well!

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Herbert Pedal 2-channel Overdrive and Preamp


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