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Tri-voice Chorus Pedal with Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, and Rotary Effects, Six Presets, and Expression Control

Multi-voiced Modulation Masterpiece with Presets and More!

The Aurelius tri-voice chorus pairs EarthQuaker Device’s savvy circuitry skills with a stunning array of classic and modern chorus tones. And it’s matched with a user-friendly preset system for easy recall of your favorite tones! Aurelius is a meticulously refined digital unit based on one of the most influential vintage choruses ever produced, but it’s hardly a 1-to-1 copy. Aurelius’ three modes and vibrant expression pedal options allow everything from subtle, classic chorus to exaggerated and enhanced tones ranging from sea-sick warble and true vibrato to feedback-laden flangers and dual-modulation rotary tones. In true EarthQuaker fashion, the Aurelius gives true bang for your buck and does a lot without requiring a Ph.D. in manual studies. Give your modulation mindset a fresh jump-start with the powerful EarthQuaker Aurelius chorus!

Mode V: chorus/vibrato

Mode V is a traditional chorus powered by triangle LFO modulation. Turning the balance control clockwise reduces the dry signal while increasing pitch modulation levels. At max settings, Mode V becomes a pristine vibrato with extreme pitch-shifting presence.

Mode C: chorus/flanger

Mode C explores chorus and flanger together, treating them as close cousins within the modulation gang. Mode C pairs sine wave LFO modulation with noticeably slower and warmer rates than vibrato mode. Adjusting Aurelius’ width control in Mode C drastically changes the chorus/flanger interplay. Pushing the width past noon will introduce progressively more feedback for a thicker, more prominent flanger. Mode C is exceptionally versatile and fit for everything from jangly Britpop to crushing high-gain so long as you dial in the mix balance with care.

Mode R: rotary chorus

When maximum modulation is your goal, Mode R is the perfect pick. This rotary chorus effect modulates both amplitude and frequency. EQD studied genuine rotary chorus hardware dating back to the 1940s to ensure a motion-packed doppler effect that’s digitally exaggerated for easy use with guitar, bass, or your instrument of choice. Mode R’s key parameter is width: lower settings bring mids and lows (a true rotary’s woofer frequencies) to the fore. In contrast, higher width settings emphasize treble typically associated with a hardware rotary speaker’s horn.

Expression control for any parameter

You can quickly map width, rate, and balance parameters to the expression pedal for an exponential increase in tones onboard. Try mapping the rate to the expression pedal in vibrato mode for instant switching between chorus and heavy vibrato, or map it to the balance control for modulated fade-ins that take soft or ambient playing to new heights!

Six preset banks

The Aurelius would be another fine entry into the EarthQuaker canon by itself, but players here were beyond excited to see EQD’s inclusion of six preset banks. Preset banks make this a killer one-and-done deluxe chorus for live or studio use. Aurelius’ stoic preset system is easy to navigate on the fly. The front panel’s center LED illuminates red for preset mode and green for live. You can switch modes by holding Aurelius’ footswitch while the pedal is engaged or manually use the save/recall button to toggle between presets and live settings.

EarthQuaker Devices Aurelius Tri-voice Chorus Pedal Features:

  • Tri-voice digital chorus pedal based on a classic 1970s analog stompbox
  • Dazzling selection of tones spanning traditional chorus to warped sea-sick vibrato
  • Covers chorus, vibrato, flanger, and rotary speaker effects via a 3-way “VCR” toggle
  • Save and recall your favorite tones with six preset banks
  • Switch between presets and live settings at-a-glance — save/recall LED button illuminates red for presets and green for live
  • Expression pedal control over width, balance, and rate
  • Preset banks also store mapped EXP parameters for instant recall
  • Flexi-Switch offers momentary or latch-style switching, both true bypass
  • Additional expression control voltage option with a CV range of 0v to 3.3v
  • Handcrafted in Akron, OH

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Chorus
  • Analog/Digital:Digital
  • Effects:Vibe, Chrous, Rotary
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4″
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4″
  • Other I/O:1 x 1/4″ (expression, CV)
  • True Bypass:Yes
  • Bypass Switching:Relay-based True Bypass (latching, momentary)
  • Features:6 onboard presets
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:75mA
  • Height:2.25″
  • Width:2.5″
  • Depth:4.75″

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Aurelius Tri-voice Chorus Pedal


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