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Brain Dead x Ghost Echo

Street art is haunting the pedalverse! Earthquaker Devices has partnered up with the international design collective Brain Dead on an even scarier version of their acclaimed Ghost Echo reverb stompbox. Brain Dead has conjured up some clean alternate graphics that celebrate all things reverb. The Brain Dead Ghost Echo maintains the simple but powerful but easy-to-use reverb of the original pedal; it’s based on vintage spring reverb units and excels at those sounds, but can also produce hall-type sounds and slapback delay tones with simple tweaks. If you’re looking for an ethereal reverb that can lift your guitar tone off this mortal coil, the Brain Dead Ghost Echo from Sweetwater does the trick!

From cavernous reverb to slapback

Right out of the gate, the EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 nails the classic spring sounds of the vintage units, along with cavernous hall tones, shorter room-type verbs, and total reverb washes. Not only can you dial in your taste of reverb, but short, single-repeat, slapback delays are also available.

Simple but versatile settings

The secret weapon of the Ghost Echo reverb pedal is its attack knob. This control sets the effect’s pre-delay, which determines the time until the reverb effect is introduced into your signal. The dial’s range is from 30–150ms. At lower settings it keeps your attack from being washed out by the reverb. But Sweetwater guitarists love how at higher settings the attack knob acts as a short-timed delay. By dialing your dwell control, you can get a very useable analog slapback for quick subtle echo. At high settings it will self-oscillate, with the pitch of the oscillation determined by the Attack knob.

Current gen perks

Opting for the latest model is always worth it with Earthquaker Devices. The Brain Dead Ghost Echo features the same great improvements as the Ghost Echo V3. That means upgraded op-amps for better sonic performance, a stronger reverb signal with double the output, a re-calibrated Dwell control that can reach self-oscillation, and silent, relay-based switching.

EarthQuaker Devices Brain Dead Ghost Echo Reverb Effects Pedal Features:

  • Special edition of the Ghost Echo V3 with new artwork by the Brain Dead collective
  • Spring-reverb-voiced effects pedal
  • 3-knob layout is easy to use
  • Third-generation edition features upgraded op-amps, stronger reverb output, recalibrated Dwell control that can self-oscillate, and silent, relay-based switching
  • 100% analog true-bypass construction ensures you get your truest guitar tone
  • Capable of producing subtle reverb and slapback delay as well as deep cavernous echo on extreme settings

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