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Vintage Semi-hollowbody Tone!

Get a guitar with soul at a great price, with the Epiphone Dot Studio semi-hollowbody electric guitar. It’s based on the iconic ES-335, favored by legendary guitarists like Larry Carlton, Eric Johnson, and Dave Grohl, just to name a few. For pennies on the dollar compared to an original ES-335, you can get the classic feel and tone of one of modern music’s most-played guitars. With a mahogany body and neck, the Epiphone Dot Studio has singing sustain and warm, woody resonance that will inject some soul into any style of music you play. And with Alnico Classic humbucking pickups, you’ll be ready to take your tube amp from clean to over the top at your whim with the Epiphone Dot Studio semi-hollowbody electric guitar.

Epiphone Dot Studio Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • The right tonewoods for the job
  • Distinct semi-hollowbody tone
  • Epiphone’s years of Dot experience

The right tonewoods for the job

The Epiphone Dot Studio sports a laminated mahogany body and top, with a mahogany neck topped with a rosewood fretboard. It’s a classic recipe for enhanced sustain, and rich bass note response. While the original ES-335s were made from laminated maple, Epiphone’s choice of mahogany captures the warmth and depth that made these guitars so popular while keeping the Dot Studio at an affordable price.

Distinct semi-hollowbody tone

If you’ve ever listened to any rock or blues from the ’60s, you’ve heard the classic tone you’ll find in the Dot Studio. The phrase “bell-like” is most appropriate here, with notes that spring to life and then gently decay into a long sustain – perfect for leads and solos. While the tone can get bright and aggressive if you need it to, it’s the warm and smooth overdriven tones that made its predecessor, the ES-335, such a popular guitar for blues and jazz styles. You’ll get the same vintage vibe from the Epiphone Dot Studio.

Epiphone’s years of Dot experience

Epiphone was already experienced in making semi-hollowbody electric guitars by the time the ES-335 became a hit in 1958-59. The Epiphone Riviera and Sheraton were two popular models at the time, and ’50s originals still sell for a pretty penny. So while the Epiphone Dot Studio is incredibly affordable, it’s still built with Epiphone’s 50+ years of experience in creating semi-hollowbody guitars with incredible tone and amazing value.

Epiphone Dot Studio Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Affordable re-creation of the classic ES-335 guitar from the late ’50s
  • Color: Gloss Cherry
  • Mahogany body and top create amazing sustain
  • Exceptionally warm and resonant tone, courtesy of the semi-hollow design and the choice of mahogany
  • Alnico Classic humbucking pickups can deliver a wide range of tones
  • SlimTaper neck profile, widely regarded as one of the most comfortable guitar neck shapes available

The Epiphone Dot Studio semi-hollowbody electric guitar – vintage vibe at an amazing value!

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ES-335 Dot Studio


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