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With the Duel Pugilist Distortion pedal, Fender has managed to improve on a fan-favorite design. The Duel Pugilist features the same gain circuitry as the original stompbox with two drastic improvements: separate On/Off switches for each channel and improved routing options. Each distortion channel features independent Gain, Tone, and Level controls. A 2-band master EQ further shapes the tone. Where the Duel Pugilist Distortion pedal really shines is its routing capability. Layer, blend, or stack the channels — it’s entirely up to you! Complete with a barely there buffer, the Fender Duel Pugilist Distortion pedal will make sure your tone sounds perfectly punchy.

The Duel Pugilist Distortion pedal features a Mode switch with expanded routing options that let you create your signature tone. Set the switch to Mute, and the Duel Pugilist will use Distortion A as the main sound and layer Distortion B on the top — think of it as the “boost” function. Select Series mode, and the pedal will stack both distortion channels as if they were separate pedals. Finally, flip the switch to Bypass. This mode will blend both channels together with the onboard A/B Blend knob.

User-requested features you’ll appreciate at every gig

Upon its release, players immediately fell in love with the Pugilist’s feisty tone. Beyond its wide-ranging overdrive and distortion, players saw opportunities to improve the design. First and foremost, each channel is now separate and stackable, giving you plenty of performance options. LED-backlit knobs show you your settings at a glance, even on a dark stage. And with all this packed into a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure, this pedal will stand up to regular use and abuse, onstage and off.

  • Dual overdrive/distortion pedal for electric guitar
  • Fender-designed drive circuit provides a unique performance feel
  • Separate footswitches let you choose which channel is active
  • Mute mode turns Distortion B into a boost
  • Series mode stacks both channels as if they were separate pedals
  • Bypass mode and Blend control enable the perfect mix of each distortion
  • 2-band active shelving EQ helps you dial in the perfect tone
  • Anodized aluminum housing stands up to punishment
  • LED-backlit knobs show you your settings at a glance, even on dark stages

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Duel Pugilist Distortion


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