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Dissatisfied with your bass rig’s dirt section? Then you need to check out the Fender Trapper! This all-analog distortion pedal has an original, custom-voiced circuit that brings out the best from your bass. It features two separate and stackable distortion circuits. Aside from pumping out a crunchy tone, Dist 1 is equipped with a crossover-blend circuit that works to ensure low-end clarity. When it’s time for the bass to take center stage, stomp on the Dist 2 switch for more gain and an extra layer of crunch. The Trapper Distortion comes with Fender’s LED-backlit knobs, making it easy to see your parameters on the darkest stages. 

The Fender Trapper Bass Distortion pedal is made for a life of onstage antics. As such, every aspect of its design is intended to help you get the most from your bass. Switchable LED-backlit knobs make it easy to see your settings in dark conditions. The enclosure features robust footswitches, which will keep working after taking some pretty powerful stomps. It’s all packed up in an anodized aluminum chassis that delivers lightweight durability.

  • Bass distortion pedal with separate and stackable channels
  • All-original Fender-designed distortion circuit creates a unique, gritty tone
  • Crossover blend keeps your low end clear and punchy
  • LED-backlit knobs provide at-a-glance monitoring of your settings on dark stages
  • True bypass switching won’t color your signal when the effect is switched off
  • Anodized aluminum housing stands up to years of use and abuse

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Trapper Bass Distortion


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