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Nearly four decades into their illustrious career, there seems to be no end in sight for thrash metal titans Megadeth. Since day one, the inimitable Dave Mustaine has served as the architect for the Grammy-winning group’s direction and sound, resulting in multiple platinum-selling albums and acknowledgment alongside many of metal history’s most decorated bands. In constructing the Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP Electric Guitar, Gibson tapped into the awe-inspiring talent and vision of the man himself to match his frenzied playstyle. It all starts with mahogany for the body and neck with ebony for the fingerboard, combining full-bodied sound with road-worthy durability and phenomenal hand feel. Dave’s own Seymour Duncan Thrash Factor pickup set arms you with Rust in Peace-era tone, with plenty of heat to handle any style of rock or metal. Full-throttle thrash is your business…and business is always good with the Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP Electric Guitar in tow. Iconic looks meet timeless woods for full-throttle tone

If you’re a fan of the 1980s thrash metal craze, odds are the Flying V shape looks more than familiar. This staple among hard rock and metal guitarists not only looks the part — top-quality woods deliver the gut-punching power and clarity demanded by thrash and other metal subgenres with ease. The Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP is no different, with a rock-solid mahogany body to lay a warm tonal foundation for a pair of fire-breathing humbuckers. Though sporting stylish and aggressive mother-of-pearl teeth throughout, the Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP’s silky-smooth ebony fingerboard lets you do all the barking with no bite on the fingers, rounding out this impressive instrument with effortless playability.

Mustaine-approved Seymour Duncan humbuckers deliver classic metal fury

If Thrash Metal 101 was a college course, Megadeth’s timeless Rust in Peace record is sure to make its way onto the syllabus. Originally delivered through a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB bridge pickup, Dave Mustaine’s impressive fretwork on this iconic album typifies the molten-hot aggression and light-speed licks that would become trademarks of thrash metal guitarists the world over. The Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP’s Thrash Factor humbucker employs an altered winding process to duplicate the sound of Dave’s original JB, resulting in a startlingly similar tone with tighter lows, slightly scooped mids, and more aggressive highs. The ’59 Model SH-1 in the neck is identical to what was used during the recording of Rust in Peace, a unique take on the classic Seth Lover PAF humbucker complete with that delectable vintage-soaked sound demanded by guitarists everywhere.

  • Signature 6-string for Megadeth frontman/guitarist Dave Mustaine
  • Classic “Flying V” design gives off an unmistakably aggressive feel
  • Solid mahogany body exudes sonic warmth and resonance
  • Fast-playing SlimTaper mahogany neck capped with glass-like ebony for effortless playability
  • Seymour Duncan Thrash Factor and ’59 Model SH-1 humbuckers re-create the iconic tone of Megadeth’s Rust in Peace album
  • Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners and Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge keep everything perfectly in tune with zero slippage
  • Graph Tech nut improves resonance and clarity
  • MOP teeth inlays add welcome visual bite

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Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP


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