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Played-on Looks and Modern Performance

The Gibson SG Faded T feels like a solidbody electric guitar that you’ve loved and played for decades, by virtue of its played-on looks. But make no mistake, this is a modern axe through and through. The SG Faded T’s resonant mahogany body works in concert with a pair of authentic Gibson alnico humbuckers to deliver incredible tones. A new thicker rosewood fingerboard tops a maple SlimTaper neck, yielding improved sonic depth and excellent playability. Complete with vintage-style keystone tuners and a self-lubricating TekToid nut, the Gibson SG Faded T solidbody electric guitar is an artful blend of history and modernity.

Gibson SG Faded T Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Plek’d for precision playability
  • The Gibson SG – a brief history
  • SlimTaper neck feels great and provides exceptional playability
  • Fat, smoking humbuckers

Plek’d for precision playability

This SG Faded 2017 T feels fast and precise, thanks in large part to Plek processing. Typically reserved for top-dollar custom guitars, this process levels the frets with pinpoint precision, providing you with the most playable fretboard you’re likely to own. Each note rings loud and clear, and the fret edges feel smooth as silk.

The Gibson SG – a brief history

In the early 1960s, Gibson sought to bolster its reputation as a quality builder of electric solidbody guitars in the midst of slow sales of their now-iconic Les Paul. Originally intended as a new model of the Les Paul, this new design failed to obtain the endorsement of Les Paul himself, and as such was renamed the SG (Solid Guitar). The newly minted Gibson SG was thinner than the Les Paul, with two cutaways, pointed horns, beveled edges, and no body binding. Originally advertised as having the “fastest neck in the world,” the Gibson SG is presently one of the most copied solidbody electric guitar models in the world.

SlimTaper neck feels great and provides exceptional playability

The Gibson SG Faded T sports a comfortable, fast-action neck with a SlimTaper profile. Early Gibson guitars had huge, often ungainly necks. By 1960, Gibson had gradually carved down this profile into what became their SlimTaper neck. As your fingers move down this neck, the precisely controlled width-to-thickness ratio of the SG Faded T’s SlimTaper neck provides you with a consistent, fast, and comfortable feel. It’s no wonder many lifelong guitar players consider the SlimTaper Gibson’s finest neck.

Fat, smoking humbuckers

Gibson’s SG Faded T packs humbucking power. When you really want to cook on a solo or deliver some thunderous power chords, you reach for a guitar that’s got a pair of humbuckers, right? Forget all those thin, out-of-phase guitar sounds that session players overused in the 1980s and (sad to say) right through much of the ’90s. That’s not for you. Your sound is all about the warmth, punch, and midrange complexity you can only get from a pair of Gibson humbuckers. The SG Faded T comes with a pair of ’em: a 490R in the neck position and a 490T at the bridge. The guitarists at Sweetwater will tell you: these pickups exhibit uncompromising power, whether you’re playing rhythm or digging into a solo.

Gibson SG Faded T Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Solid mahogany body delivers copious sustain
  • Faded gloss nitro finish gives it the look of a well-worn classic
  • Fast and comfortable SlimTaper neck profile
  • Thicker rosewood fingerboard for improved sonic depth and playability
  • 490R and 490T pickups deliver smoky humbucker tones
  • Self-lubricating TekToid nut yields great sustain and accurate return to pitch
  • Vintage-style keystone tuners provide classic looks and precise tuning
  • Plek’d for precision playability

The Gibson SG Faded T solidbody electric guitar feels played on the first time you pick it up.

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