Gibson Slim Harpo “Lovell” ES-330 Hollowbody Electric Guitar – Vintage Sunset Burst


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Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Maple/Poplar/Maple Top, Maple/Poplar/Maple Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, and 2 Single-coil Pickups – Vintage Sunset Burst

A Fitting Tribute to Slim Harpo’s Prized Hollowbody Electric

As one of history’s undisputed blues masters, the name Slim Harpo commands instant reverence and respect. The Gibson Slim Harpo “Lovell” ES-330 is a faithful re-creation of the swamp blues icon’s prized hollowbody electric guitar. This vintage-style blues machine is built around a resounding 3-ply hollow body with resonance-enhancing spruce bracing, while dog ear P-90 pickups deliver a thick, midrange-heavy sound with biting highs and plenty of output. The Slim Harpo ES-330 is tailor-made for banging out blues-tinged rhythms thanks to its substantial Rounded C-shaped neck, and its 22-fret rosewood fingerboard ensures supple playability. This ES-330 also sports an attention-grabbing “Lovell” logo on the back of its headstock, along with a head-turning multi-ply pickguard, a period-correct Tune-o-matic bridge and trapeze tailpiece, and a light-catching gloss finish.

Jam-packed with deluxe appointments

The Slim Harpo ES-330 sports a full range of deluxe appointments. For starters, its sonorous 3-ply hollow body is adorned with refined-looking cream binding, a multi-ply pickguard, and a gleaming gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Gold “top hat” knobs provide an eye-popping visual contrast to the rest of the guitar. This ES-330’s rosewood fingerboard is embellished with small block inlays and tastefully understated dot side markers. A Tune-o-matic bridge with trapeze-style tailpiece imbues the Slim Harpo ES-330 with vintage style to spare. Finally, this ES-330’s headstock features a gold “Gibson” inlay, Vintage Deluxe tuners with white buttons, and a “Lovell” logo, which honors Slim Harpo’s partner, manager, and co-writer, Lovell Moore.

Loaded with vintage-style dog ear P-90 pickups

This Gibson Slim Harpo “Lovell” ES-330 is fitted with a pair of dog ear P-90 pickups. We have many fiercely loyal P-90 fans here. These guitarists know that the P-90 offers a unique tonal palette that is distinct from — and complements — humbuckers and traditional single-coils. One of the first successful single-coil pickups, the P-90 can be heard on countless iconic recordings. With its biting treble and high output, the P-90 cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar’s volume pot. It’s an amazingly versatile pickup with its own brand of grit — a bit brighter, leaner, and less refined than a humbucker, and almost as hot. Hit your amp hard, and the P-90 really wails. P-90 pickups elicit grind, sizzle, bark, and bite that would be impossible with humbuckers — or with other single-coils, for that matter.

Substantial Rounded C-shaped neck

Wrap your hand around the Slim Harpo ES-330’s Rounded “C” mahogany neck, and you’ll know you’re in for something special. Full enough to remain comfortable all the way up and down its slide-worthy, 12-inch-radius fingerboard, yet fast enough for fleet-fingered blues licks, this hollowbody electric guitar’s neck is a recipe for satisfying tone and performance. If you’re a fan of that 1950s neck feel, the Slim Harpo ES-330 guarantees a chicken-scratching good time.

Gibson Slim Harpo “Lovell” ES-330 Features:

  • Modeled after Slim Harpo’s prized hollowbody electric guitar
  • Built around a resounding 3-ply hollow body with resonance-enhancing spruce bracing
  • Dog ear P-90 pickups deliver a thick, midrange-heavy sound with biting highs and plenty of output
  • Substantial Rounded C-shaped neck comfortably fills the hand
  • 12-inch-radius fingerboard makes executing fleet-fingered blues licks seem effortless
  • Tune-o-matic bridge with trapeze-style tailpiece exhibits a vintage-inspired vibe
  • Headstock features a gold “Gibson” inlay and an exclusive “Lovell” logo on the back
  • Gold “top hat” knobs provide an eye-popping visual contrast to the rest of the guitar
  • Refined-looking cream binding, multi-ply pickguard, and gleaming gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Stylish Vintage Deluxe tuners with white buttons

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Slim Harpo "Lovell" ES-330 Hollowbody Electric Guitar


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