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Get that classic ’60s bass sound with the Guild Starfire II semi-hollowbody bass guitar. Favored by groups like Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds, this bass gives you fat, warm tones not typically found in solidbody basses. Its thinline semi-hollow body is comfortable to play and gives you the organic, resonant sound and lush overtones of a hollowbody instrument. The Starfire II features a flamed maple top, back, and sides for top-notch, resonant tone. A vintage soft U-shape mahogany neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard provides exceptional playability and response. In addition, a pair of Guild BS-1 BiSonic 1 pickups delivers the iconic bass tones you’ve heard on countless records. When you need distinctive bass tone in a gig-ready instrument, you can rely on the Guild Starfire II bass every time.

Short-scale neck for tonal magic

Of course, the shorter 30.75″ scale length of the Starfire bass makes it easier to navigate the fretboard and is perfect for beginners and players with smaller hands. The harmonics your bass guitar generates are spaced along the strings based on the length of the strings — shorter strings mean the harmonics are packed in tighter, giving any note you play more harmonic richness than a longer scale would. Just plug the Starfire II bass into your bass amp and you’ll see what we mean, as notes come alive and cut through the mix without becoming overbearing.

Thinline semi-hollow body for comfortable playing and rich tone

Try as you may, you just can’t get the same vibrant, overtone-rich sound of a hollowbody bass with a traditional solidbody. But instead of giving you a bulky instrument, Guild gave the Starfire II a thinline body style that gives you the woody thump of a hollow instrument plus the easy-playing comfort of a traditional bass.

Based on the classic ’60s Starfire

Classic rock recordings have no shortage of warm and groovy bass tones served up by hollowbody instruments. Bands like the Byrds and Jefferson Airplane relied on the original Starfire bass for its rhythmic foundation. You can get that vibe too, with the Guild Starfire II semi-hollowbody bass.

  • Thinline semi-hollowbody based on the ’60s Guild Starfire
  • Dual Guild BS-1 BiSonic pickups serve up rich, vintage-style tone
  • Short-scale neck for harmonics-rich tone
  • Exceptional tone and looks from flame maple top, back, and sides
  • Mahogany neck with maple stripe for long-term playability
  • Grover Vintage 142 Series tuners give you excellent tuning stability

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Starfire II Bass


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