Ibanez Premium BTB1936 Bass Guitar Sunset Fade Low Gloss


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World-class Aguilar DCB pickups plus masterful tone shaping

There are many great reasons world-class bass players swear by Aguilar DCB bass pickups, which make them an obvious choice for Ibanez’s BTB Premium models. These dual-ceramic-magnet pickups give your BTB1936 an extended range of tonal versatility, offering a fine balance of responsive attack, prodigious sustain, and complex harmonics. And you’ll be impressed by the extended tone-shaping options the 3-band EQ delivers. There’s also a 3-mode midrange switch, which allows you to sculpt your overtones to fit any musical genre or playing style.

Neck-through design ensures exceptional sustain

Generations of innovators and top-tier manufacturers have relied on neck-through designs for superior stability and sustain. Pick up an Ibanez BTB1936, and you’ll experience everything neck-through construction has to offer. You can feel the BTB1936 vibrate clear through its ultra-stable 7-piece panga panga/purpleheart neck, right down to the strap peg. The extended sustain doesn’t just add body to your tone, but it also provides a greater tonal balance that you’ll hear in every note you play.

Mono-rail bridge enhances definition and sustain

Ibanez specified their excellent MR5S (Mono-rail) bridge for the BTB1936. Unlike single-body bridges, each Mono-rail V saddle is completely separate from the others. This does two things for you. First, since they aren’t connected, the saddles create minimal sympathetic vibration. This prevents unused strings from ringing. Second, each saddle is double-anchored, allowing energy to transfer efficiently between the string and the body. 

  • Curly maple/walnut top and back, African mahogany wings
  • TMB6 7-piece panga panga/purpleheart neck-through with graphite reinforcement rods
  • Bound panga panga fingerboard, abalone offset dot inlay
  • 35″ scale length; medium stainless steel frets, premium fret edge treatment
  • Aguilar DCB humbucking neck and bridge pickups
  • Custom Ibanez electronics with 3-band EQ
  • EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot), mid-frequency switch
  • MR5S bridge with 17mm string spacing
  • Elegant gold hardware

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Premium BTB1936 Bass Guitar


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