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Choose wisely. Play better.

One of Jackson’s mottoes is “Choose wisely. Play better.” That’s not just hype either. The fact is, a well-made guitar, like a Soloist SLXDX, gives you a closer connection to your music. For instance, the Soloist SLXDX features a compound-radius fretboard, which is more rounded at the nut and flatter higher up the neck. This makes it easy to fret chords near the nut, while opening up the fretboard for soloing. The flatter higher frets also let you keep your action low, without bottoming out when you bend notes. And thanks to its neck-through-body design, the Soloist SLXDX also gives you epic sustain.

Floyd Rose Special vibrato for aggressive dive-bombs

In typical Jackson fashion, this incredible guitar was built with nothing but quality hardware on board. That’s why they gave the Jackson Soloist SLXDX guitar a real 2-point, double-locking Floyd Rose vibrato tailpiece. The lightweight Floyd Rose Special vibrato tailpiece gives you the real feel of an original Floyd Rose, adding to the Soloist SLXDX’s amazingly responsive feel.

Duncan Designed humbuckers deliver rock-ready tone

Great feel is only part of the equation. Jackson knows this better than just about any guitar maker. That’s why they’ve equipped the Soloist SLXDX with a set of extra-hot Duncan Designed humbucking pickups. An HB-103N pickup at the neck and an HB-102B at the bridge give you well-balanced tone with tight bass, glassy mids, and crunchy highs.

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X Series Soloist SLXDX


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