Ludwig Universal Snare Drum – 6.5-inch x 14-inch – Beech


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6.5″ x 14″ 6-ply Beech Snare Drum with Triple-flangged Hoops, P88i Throw Off, and P35 Butt Plate

A Snare with Universal Appeal

Though it shares the same name as its nickel-over-brass-shelled ancestor, this all-new 6-ply beech-shelled Universal Snare Drum from Ludwig really lives up to its name in terms of playability. With dimensions measuring 6.5 inches deep by 14 inches across, the Universal provides an ideal balance of projection and tone that will surely penetrate any mix. Dressed in a sapele outer ply with triple-flanged hoops, this snare looks sharp, boasting a classic aesthetic with standard 45-degree bearing edges. A P88i throw off and a P35 butt plate power duo pair perfectly for adjusting the tension of your snare wires to fit any rhythm section you lead. Make no mistake: Ludwig’s Universal Snare Drum is a fantastic choice for drummers of all ages, calibers, and playing styles!

Premium beech shell

The Universal’s fabulous tone all starts with its shell construction. Beechwood offers a time-tested universal drum tone that emphasizes powerful bass frequencies and those coveted trebles and middles. More thump, less snap? Not a problem, our drummers have found this 6-ply shell resonates in a cross-genre fashion to adjust to just about any playing style. Just imagine a hybrid featuring the brightness of maple, with the low-end support of birch, that is ready to be tone shaped and tuned however you see fit — that’s beechwood!

Ludwig Universal Snare Drum 6.5-inch x 14-inch Features:

  • 6-ply beech shell construction provides fantastic tonal range, features a sapele outer ply
  • 6.5-inch x 14-inch dimensions creates a great, universally balanced snare sound
  • Sharp appearance, including triple-flanged hoops and classic 45° bearing edges
  • P88i throw off and P35 butt plate provide tremendous tension-adjustment security

Tech Specs

  • Type:Snare
  • Drum Depth:6.5″
  • Drum Diameter:14″
  • Shell Material:Beechwood, Sapele outer layer
  • Shell Construction:7-ply
  • Hoops:Triple-flanged
  • Lugs:10 x Tube Lugs
  • Finish:Gloss
  • Heads:Ludwig by Remo USA

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Universal Snare Drum – 6.5-inch x 14-inch


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