Mesa Boogie Subway D-800 Lightweight 800 Watt Bass Head


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The Mesa Engineering Subway D-800 bass amplifier head is a high-powered, lightweight option for bass players who need quality tone that’s easy to transport. The power section offers 800 watts to push any cabinet you choose, and the Class D design keeps the weight down to only 5.5 lbs. With its active 4-band EQ, voicing control, and deep switch, the D-800 more than makes up for its diminutive size with huge tone-shaping possibilities. Getting to the gig with great tone has never been easier than with the Subway D-800.

Plenty of juice for any rig or gig

The power section of the Mesa Subway D-800 bass amplifier can push 800 watts, ensuring you have enough juice for any gig out there. Whether it’s driving a 1 x 12″ cabinet for a smaller jazz combo or pushing an 8 x 10″ cab for a huge sound across a large stage, the D-800 can cover it without breaking a sweat. And all of that horsepower comes in the form of an exceptionally lightweight Class D power section.

Total tonal control

Mesa Engineering has a long legacy of iconic bass amplifiers. The Subway D-800 joins the lineage of such amps as their Carbine and Big Block series, propelling the low end in just about every genre. The 4-band EQ is complemented by the D-800’s variable voicing control, letting you preset your EQ curve anywhere from flat to a vintage-scoop. And you have plenty of setup options with a pre/post EQ and mic/line level on the balanced XLR output. The Subway D-800 makes dialing in your bass tone quick and easy.

  • High-powered, lightweight bass amplifier head
  • Only 5.5 lbs.
  • 800 watts of Class D power
  • Powerful voicing control, EQ, and deep switch
  • Controls to optimize the XLR out
  • Silent practicing with the headphone out
  • Gig bag included

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Subway D-800 Lightweight 800 Watt Bass Head


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