Orange 4 Stroke 500 – 500W Bass Head


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Straightforward Amp with Plenty of Tonal Shaping

Orange’s 4 Stroke 500 500-watt electric bass amplifier head gives you the power to carve out your signature tones with surgical precision in a straightforward design. The 4-band parametric EQ offers +/-18dB in your bass, low mid, high mid, and treble frequencies. A footswitchable onboard Class A compressor lets you dial in a controlled tone that lets your playing nuance shine through. And the 4 Stroke 500 uses an all-analog design for the natural, full sound you demand. The 4 Stroke 500 gives you any sound you need quickly and easily.



Orange 4 Stroke 500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:

  • 500 watts of AB analog power
  • Fine-tune your tone
  • Transparent compression

500 watts of AB analog power

The muscle of the 4 Stroke 500 bass amp comes from its 500-watt analog Class AB power section. It offers a natural tone with plenty of note clarity and a detailed response. And pushing 500 watts is more than enough power to push your bass through the mix. The bassists at Sweetwater were impressed with this purely analog amp that delivers the sounds and power that professional bassists demand.

Fine-tune your tone

The equalizer section of the Orange 4 Stroke 500 bass amp head is engineered to give you the most control possible in the optimal frequency ranges for your bass. Your lows and low mids range from 40-400Hz and 80-800Hz respectively. The high mids and treble control frequencies range from 250-2.5kHz and 550-5.5kHz. And each band can be cut or boosted up to 18dB. This design is very useful for finding your signature tone or dialing the amp into different cabinets or performance venues.

Transparent compression

Once you have your tone dialed in to the 4 Stroke 500, you’ll be able to engage the single-knob compressor to keep your level consistent and without any unpleasant transient peaks. The compressor’s Class A sidechain design keeps it incredibly transparent. Use a little for a warmth and fattening of your tone, or push it slightly harder and you’ll add a bit of bounce to your attack that works great for slap styles of playing. And the compressor is footswitchable for activating it on the fly while performing.

Orange 4 Stroke 500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

  • 500-watt bass head with powerful tone shaping
  • 4-band parametric EQ carves out your tone
  • Analog Class AB power for full and natural tones
  • Class A sidechain compressor retains your playing nuance
  • Footswitchable compressor
  • Balanced and line outputs
  • Switchable -6dB pad on the input

The Orange 4 Stroke 500 gives you the features you need and none you don’t.


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