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The Rickenbacker 360/12. With its rounded horns, contoured top edge that rolls into back binding, innovative solid/slotted headstock design, and iconic shark fin fingerboard inlays, there’s no mistaking it for anything else. And then there’s the sound: from the Beatles to the Byrds, you’ve heard that unmistakable jangle on countless classic recordings. This venerable 12-string semi-hollowbody electric guitar has seen changes in the ensuing half-century, and today’s model is more playable and awesome-sounding than ever. One of the coolest upgrades is the Rick-O-Sound dual-mono output that sends each of the vintage-inspired High Gain pickups to its own amplifier, or straight into a recording medium for instant stereo guitar.

All-maple construction provides a bright tonal foundation

Everything but the Rickenbacker 360’s fingerboard is made from high-grade maple. Maple’s density is partly responsible for the 360/12’s famous sustain and top-end jangle and shimmer. Maple is also very stable, aiding in maintaining the structural integrity of the neck. The thick rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of warmth and harmonic richness to this otherwise bright instrument. Pearloid triangle inlays add a distinctive visual touch.

High Gain pickups and 5-knob layout deliver a broad range of tones

The heart and soul of all Rickenbacker guitars are the proprietary electronics. In the 360/12 electric 12-string you’ll find a pair of vintage-inspired Rickenbacker High Gain pickups. These single-coil pickups deliver the fullness and aggressive chime that has driven so many guitar tracks through the decades. A 5-knob layout with a pickup Mix Control pot gives you a wide range of sounds to play with.

Dual-mono output for instant stereo guitar

If you’re looking for an instant “wall of guitar,” Rickenbacker’s Rick-O-Sound dual-mono outputs do the trick, sending each pickup to its own destination. This lets you drive two amps at once for extra output and color blending. For example, you can feed your 360/12’s neck pickup into a clean American tweed for bass definition, then output your bridge pickup to an overdriven British stack for a taste of tube grit. This option is also great for studio guitarists. By sending one signal to two sources, you can get an instant stereo track with only one performance.

  • Semi-hollow maple body with cat’s eye soundhole is lightweight and balanced
  • Contoured horns and rounded body edges roll into back binding
  • Maple set neck has been slimmed and re-contoured for increased playing comfort
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and harmonic richness
  • Iconic pearloid triangle (shark fin) inlays
  • Vintage-inspired High Gain single-coil pickups
  • Three-way selector with 2 tone and 2 volume controls
  • Mix Control knob for coloration and output
  • Dual-mono output drives two amps at once
  • Deluxe vintage reproduction tuning machines

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360/12 12 String


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