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The Iconic Rickenbacker Bass — in Stereo

“Roundabout.” The sound of that legendary Yes bass line is seared into the auditory memory of many: an early-1960s Rickenbacker 4001S strung with roundwounds. With their punchy treble, solid bottom end, and ringing sustain, Rickenbacker basses helped forge the sound of classic rock in the capable hands of progressive bassists such as Chris Squire and Paul McCartney. It’s an iconic sound, and there’s only one way to get it. Today’s formidable Rickenbacker 4003W delivers those inimitable bass tones, along with stereo output, in a sleek instrument that’s primed for a new millennium. Forge your own legendary sound with the Rickenbacker 4003W bass.

Stereo Rick-O-Sound output opens up a palette of sonic possibilities

Rickenbacker spec’d the 4003 bass with two output jacks. The first is a standard mono output. The second is a stereo Rick-O-Sound output, which outputs both pickups as a seperate signal. Why let your guitarist and keyboard player have all the fun? Just think about the possibilities! You could send the neck pickup to one amp, and the bridge pickup to another. Pan the pickups hard left and hard right. Insert different effects pedals in each signal path to craft immersive stereo soundscapes. With the Rickenbacker 4003, you’re no longer relegated to simply holding down the bottom end.

Rickenbacker 4003W 4-string Electric Bass Features:

  • An iconic bass, immortalized by Paul McCartney and Chris Squire
  • Walnut body and maple through-neck, for serious sustain and treble zing
  • Body binding and triangle fingerboard inlays add a touch of elegance
  • 2 single-coil pickups deliver the classic Rick bass sound
  • Stereo Rick-O-Sound output lets you route each pickup individually
  • Mono output for traditional operation
  • 3-way selector with 2 tone and 2 volume controls
  • Schaller Deluxe tuners are stage rugged and studio dependable

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4003 Walnut


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