Supro 1932R Royale 1×12 inch Tube Combo


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The Supro 1932R Royale guitar combo amplifier is engineered for vibrant tube tone, sonic flexibility, and ample headroom. It gives you enough stage volume to handle any gig, while its headroom also makes it a wonderful platform for complex pedal rigs. Select the 35-watt mode for Class A operation, which delivers the classic Supro sound with spongy midrange response. Or switch to the 50-watt mode for Class AB operation, offering a faster response with tighter lows. Complete with a footswitchable Boost circuit, and a velvety tube-driven spring reverb, the Supro 1932R Royale combo delivers all the punchy tube tone you can handle.

Sonic versatility with switchable 35-watt/50-watt modes

The Supro 1932R Royale’s Class A/Class AB switch lets you choose between 35-watt (cathode-biased) or 50-watt (grid-biased) operation modes. Running at 35 watts, you’ll enjoy a spongy tube character and emphasized midrange. The 50-watt mode offers faster transient response, subdued mids, and tighter lows, plus higher headroom that’s perfect for large pedalboards. Given this versatility, you’re armed with the ability to achieve the tone and touch responsiveness that you prefer for any musical style.

Tube-driven reverb and switchable boost

Supro loaded the 1932R Royale combo guitar amp with tube-driven reverb for an authentic vintage experience. Equipped with Level and Dwell controls, the Royale’s spring reverb delivers the splash and atmosphere that players love about vintage amps. A switchable volume boost, with its own level control, is perfect for squeezing more harmonic intensity out of the preamp section. Both the reverb and the boost functions can be switched with Supro SF1 footswitches (sold separately).

Transparent effects loop for pedal-routing flexibility

With their high-input headroom, most Supro amps are just fine with your effects being run into the front end. To make the 1932R Royale combo as flexible as possible, this Supro packs a transparent effects loop for your time-based effects like delay and reverb. 

  • All-tube combo amplifier with switchable 35-watt (Class A) or 50-watt (Class AB) operation
  • High-input headroom and balanced, wide-ranging speaker do justice to your pedal-crafted tones
  • Master volume control allows you to drive the input stage while controlling overall volume
  • Transparent effects loop for delays, reverbs, EQs, and boost pedals
  • All-tube spring reverb provides classic ambience
  • Boost function allows you to hit the preamp harder for increased harmonics
  • Reverb, boost, and effects loop can be switched via Supro SF1 amp switches (sold separately)

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1932R Royale 1×12 inch Tube Combo


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