Tama HP900PWN Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal


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The revamped TAMA HP900PWN Iron Cobra Power Glide dual kick drum pedal won’t get in the way of your drumming, no matter how fast or expressively you play. Thanks to its innovative Cobra Coil pedal spring, the HP900PWN gives you an incredibly smooth and fast response, as the Cobra Coil quickly returns the footboard to its original position after each kick. And TAMA has made the HP900PWN the speediest, most responsive Iron Cobra yet by using the LiteSprocket design from the Speed Cobra series – it’s 40% lighter than the previous Iron Cobra cam. It’s amazingly stable thanks to a wider baseplate and frame, while the rugged 3-piece hinge construction promises long-term reliability. For a fast, responsive kick drum pedal that’s built to last, the TAMA HP900PWN Iron Cobra pedal is a proven winner.

Cobra Coil delivers a quick-return footboard

The TAMA HP900PWN features TAMA’s Cobra Coil – a patented spring design that solves the problem of sluggish and heavy beater stroke action. The Cobra Coil’s special steel string quickly returns the footboard to the original position, for a smooth playing feel. What’s more, you can also adjust the Cobra Coil to different positions on the footboard baseplate to fine-tune the response.

LiteSprocket with Power Glide cam delivers smooth, precise feel

To make the HP900PWN Power Glide the fastest Iron Cobra yet, TAMA incorporated the LiteSprocket design from their Speed Cobra series. It’s 40% lighter than the previous Iron Cobra cam, making it one of the smoothest and most responsive kick drum pedals you’ll find. The aggressive shape of the Power Glide’s cam is perfect for channeling maximum power and energy into every beat.

Comes with a specially designed carrying case

Even if you gig every night, the TAMA HP900PWN is up for it. Not only is the drum pedal ruggedly built from the start, but you also get a specially designed protective carrying case for safe transportation.

  • Iron Cobra series dual kick drum pedal
  • Patented Cobra Coil spring for a quick footboard return
  • LiteSprocket design with aggressive cam shape for increased power and speed
  • Rugged 3-piece hinge guard block for greater durability
  • Wider baseplate and frame for exceptional stability
  • Iron Cobra Beater adjusts beater head angle to guarantee a flat hit to the drum
  • Tight Lock keeps the beater shaft in place
  • Quick-Hook allows for rapid spring attachment and reattachment
  • Includes a carrying case for secure transport

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HP900PWN Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal


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