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The Taylor 250ce Deluxe combines Taylor’s tried-and-true dreadnought shape with an exceptionally clean pickup system to create a go-to guitar for playing in and out of the studio. Played acoustically, this 12-string dreadnought produces a powerful low end that strummers will adore. When you’re plugged in, Taylor’s proprietary ES-2 pickup system reproduces a clear tone that’s as rich as the acoustic sound. You won’t be sacrificing playability though. Like all Taylor guitars, the 250ce Deluxe plays like a dream and is almost impossible to put down. With the 250ce Deluxe, you’ll always be ready to hit the stage or jump into the studio.

Solid top gets better with age

The Taylor 250ce Deluxe is equipped with a solid lutz spruce top. Lutz spruce is a hybrid of Sitka spruce and white spruce that combines the strength of Sitka spruce with the nuanced tone of white spruce. This top has a great response under hard strumming while maintaining warmth that’s suitable for fingerpicking. The top is mated to layered maple back and sides that have a lively, bright tone. As time passes, the tone of your Taylor 250ce will grow warmer, and you will have a hard time putting it down.

Traditional dreadnought construction

Nearly all of the most influential players from all genres have been seen with the dreadnought guitars for decades. This is due to the dreadnought’s characteristic tone that has a rich bass, powerful projection, and sparkling highs. Taylor’s renowned dreadnought shape subtly refines the dreadnought to create midrange presence that doesn’t become boomy under hard picking. All in all, the Taylor 250ce embodies the traditional tone while adding brightness to make the instrument sound much more balanced.

Taylor ES-2 electronics deliver stunning tone

Taylor’s Expression System 2 is designed to faithfully reproduce your guitar’s natural tone. This system utilizes three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors installed behind the saddle and through the bridge to capture top and string vibration like never before. Created in partnership with audio pioneer Rupert Neve, Taylor’s electronics are seamlessly integrated into the design of the guitar from the ground up. Onboard tone controls provide added flavor, or set it flat for an uncolored, exceptionally clean amplified sound.

  • 12-string dreadnought body delivers massive, powerful projection
  • Solid lutz spruce top adds warmth and nuanced tone
  • Layered maple back and sides contribute a balanced sound
  • Taylor ES-2 electronics produce an exceptional clean tone
  • Hard rock maple neck and ebony fingerboard feel great in any player’s hand
  • Soft cutaway gives you unfettered access to the upper frets

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250ce Deluxe


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