Taylor 326ce Baritone-8 8-string Acoustic-electric Guitar – Shaded Edgeburst


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8-string Baritone Acoustic-electric Guitar with Mahogany Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, and Ebony Fingerboard – Shaded Edgeburst

Extended-range Baritone with Double Octave-course Shimmer

One part baritone and one part 12-string sparkle, the Taylor 326ce Baritone-8 acoustic-electric guitar stands apart from Taylor’s lineup as a wholly unique 8-string baritone creation. This 27-inch-scale guitar sports a standard B to B baritone tuning, but the real magic is found in the octave course D and A strings in the middle of the neck, facilitating unique low-tuned chord voicings and melodic textures you simply can’t find anywhere else. Moreover, the neo-tropical African mahogany bones of the 326ce Baritone-8 found on the neck, top, back, and sides squeeze every drop of extended-range shimmer out of this idiosyncratic instrument giving you a dry and fundamental-heavy response. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Taylor without the brand’s signature effortless performance — the fast-playing standard Taylor neck carve, deep Venetian cutaway, 15-inch-radius ebony fingerboard, and world-class Taylor ES2 electronics make the Taylor 326ce Baritone-8 an absolute powerhouse of playability, ready to hit the stage or the studio right out of the box.

Hybrid baritone/8-string construction

To call the Taylor 326ce Baritone-8 a standard baritone guitar would be selling this unique acoustic-electric short — in truth, the 8-string, octave-pair design results in a cutting-edge new configuration that defies traditional categorization. The six standard B to B strings in a medium 27-inch scale length certainly provide you with all the low-end depth you’d expect from an extended-range setup, but the D and A strings really set this model apart from the pack. Both strings sport a low tuning that you’d find on a regular baritone; then, like a 12-string guitar, the 326ce Baritone-8 pairs the low string with a higher string exactly one octave above it. What does it sound like? The perfect combination of low-tuned power, with a touch of upper-end sparkle thrown in the middle for hitherto unheard-of melodies and chord shapes. Best of all, the 326ce Baritone-8 requires a slight learning curve coming from a standard 6-string — all your song and chord shapes will be translated over, only with a much deeper and richer sound.

Full mahogany construction

With the 326ce Baritone-8’s neo-tropical mahogany neck, top, back, and sides, you can expect tone that’s round and full with exceptional midrange definition. Guitarists find the 326ce Baritone-8 has a slightly darker, more vintage sound than a typical spruce top Taylor guitar. Yet despite its enhanced low end, the 326ce Baritone-8 still delivers the signature treble punch that Taylors are known for, a quality that allows the two-octave pairs to bloom and resonate along with the 326ce Baritone-8’s deeper timbres.

Cutting-edge Taylor Expression System 2 electronics

Need to plug in? Then you’ll love the Taylor Expression System 2 electronics built into the 326ce Baritone-8! The ES2 system features a revolutionary segmented pickup located behind the bridge saddle; this pickup position delivers remarkably accurate and clear sound production that’s authentic to your playing. Each ES2 system features a handy master volume knob for fast level adjustments, in addition to a 2-band EQ for independent treble/bass adjustments to get the sound you need. Plus, the ES2 system also has a built-in phase switch, which offers essential feedback suppression whenever the system is active.

A Grand Symphony of charisma

Taylor’s assertive Grand Symphony shape first entered the scene in 2006 as the Grand Auditorium’s turbocharged big sibling. The Grand Symphony beefs up the Grand Auditorium’s size with a larger profile, wider waist, and bigger lower bout. Still, it retains the balance and comfort that made the Grand Auditorium such a success. The result is a bold Taylor guitar with enhanced volume, projection, and sustain that’s ideal for the 326ce Baritone-8’s extended-range setup.

Taylor 326ce Baritone-8 8-string Acoustic-electric Baritone Guitar Features:

  • Extended-range 8-string B to B baritone guitar with two-octave pairs on the middle D and A strings for an exceptionally unique sound
  • Ideal for the guitarist seeking a new sonic texture without having to relearn standard guitar scales and chord shapes
  • Medium 27-inch scale length gives you a looser feel and improved playability over many long-scale baritones
  • Grand Symphony body style provides massive projection and a supremely balanced sound across all eight strings
  • Neo-tropical mahogany top, back, sides, and neck produce a crisp, direct sound that emphasizes the fundamental note and offers a strong midrange wallop
  • Elegant Crelicam ebony fingerboard in an easy-playing 15-inch radius
  • Standard Taylor neck carve is sure to please players of all backgrounds and styles
  • Deep Venetian cutaway offers unimpeded access to the upper frets
  • Premium Taylor ES2 electronics faithfully amplify your unplugged tone, with a host of handy built-in controls to dial in your sound
  • Wide 1.75-inch nut width gives fingerstyle players plenty of room to maneuver

Tech Specs

  • String Type:Steel
  • Number of Strings:8
  • Left-/Right-handed:Right-handed
  • Body Shape:Grand Symphony
  • Back & Sides Wood:Mahogany
  • Top Wood:Mahogany
  • Top Finish:Satin
  • Color:Shaded Edgeburst
  • Body Bracing:Baritone bracing
  • Binding:Black Plastic
  • Neck Wood:Mahogany
  • Neck Shape:Standard Carve
  • Radius:15″
  • Fingerboard Material:Ebony
  • Fingerboard Inlay:Gemstone, Italian Acrylic
  • Number of Frets:19
  • Scale Length:27″
  • Nut Width:1.75″
  • Nut/Saddle Material:Tusq/Micarta
  • Bridge Material:Ebony
  • Tuning Machines:Taylor Standard
  • Electronics:ES2

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326ce Baritone-8 8-string Acoustic-electric Guitar


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