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A New Chapter in Taylor Value and Performance

With the American Dream series of US-built acoustic guitars, Bob Taylor and Andy Powers have ushered in a new era of Taylor value and performance. Never has it been this affordable to own an American-made Taylor guitar with class-leading features. The Grand Concert AD22e is a compact acoustic-electric with a balanced tone that’s perfect for tracking. The AD22e is built from solid Taylor tonewoods (mahogany and sapele), each with minor cosmetic imperfections to honor the mature sound and workhorse aesthetic these early guitars are known for. Taylor’s V-Class bracing gives the AD22e impressive sustain and a clean, pure tone that stands up to even the scrutiny of the studio. All in all, the American Dream Taylor AD22e is a professional instrument that comes in at a price that will ensure you’re not afraid to take it on the road. Onboard Taylor ES2 electronics — a hallmark of all top-tier Taylors — make the AD22e a fantastic option for plug-and-play gigging and recording.

Taylor’s American-made legacy

In 1974, a young Bob Taylor cut his teeth building custom acoustics out of San Diego’s American Dream guitar factory. The American Dream series pays tribute to this time in Taylor’s history with its working-class, American-made pro instruments, built with the same values and American spirit that have driven the Taylor name for the past 45+ years.

Woods with character

Have you ever owned a guitar that was too pretty to play out? With the American Dream AD22e, you can lay your fears to rest. The woods on this guitar are chosen specifically for their sonic properties and minor cosmetic imperfections. The result is a great-sounding, well-priced guitar that you can haul from gig to gig without any compunction. An included Taylor AeroCase delivers rugged protection around town without adding much carry weight to the equation.

Mahogany/sapele construction

The Taylor American Dream AD22e features a solid mahogany top and back and sides of dark, figured solid sapele. Taylor’s Central and South America-sourced tropical mahogany is hailed for its dark color, deep bass, and thick, chewy midrange. It’s perfect for players who prefer a mellower top end (compared to spruce) and a more rustic-looking instrument. The sapele back and sides supply more than just a coordinating look, but a unique harmonic stack as well for a unique voice and robust projection. Paired with its easy-playing mahogany neck, the AD22e is a recipe for rich tone and unmistakable Taylor playability.

Compact Grand Concert design

The AD22e’s Grand Concert design offers a more compact feel and a different sonic character than the Grand Pacific-sized models that comprise the rest of the American Dream series. This body design is favored by fingerstyle players for its focused tone, which brings out the best in their technique. Your tones will remain balanced across the frequency spectrum while minimizing the huge lows and overtones inherent in larger-bodied instruments. And fretting is extremely comfortable due to the 24.875-inch scale length’s narrower fret spacing. The guitarists here at Sweetwater have enjoyed tremendous success with Grand Concert-shaped Taylors both onstage and in the studio — they’re great-sounding guitars!

V-Class bracing

Taylor’s V-Class bracing proves that a guitar top can be stiff and flexible at the same time. Stiffness parallel to the strings enhances rigidity for greater sustain while flexibility on the sides generates the air movement necessary for that robust dreadnought projection. It’s the best of all worlds — tone and resonance, output and sustain. V-Class bracing also reduces harmonic distortion between the strings and top for chords that sound more in-tune. This premium feature is normally reserved for the cream of Taylor’s guitar crop. But incredibly, it comes as a standard feature on your American Dream AD22e.

Expression System 2 electronics

If you play plugged-in, you’re going to love Taylor’s Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics on your American Dream AD22e. This system features a three-sensor pickup located behind the guitar’s saddle for clear and accurate sound reproduction. A master volume control and a pair of tone controls let you tweak your sound and output from the stage. Meanwhile, a discreet phase switch offers vital onboard feedback suppression.

Taylor American Dream AD22e Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • A pro guitar with character
  • Proudly built in the USA
  • Woods chosen for their mature sound and workhorse aesthetic
  • Grand Concert body yields a focused tone that’s tailor-made for fingerstyle players
  • Solid mahogany top — hailed for its deep bass and thick, chewy midrange
  • Solid sapele back/sides — supplies a coordinating look and rich, robust projection
  • Easy-playing mahogany neck and eucalyptus fingerboard supply sought-after Taylor playability
  • V-Class bracing increases output, enhances sustain, and reduces harmonic distortion for a more in-tune sound
  • 3-sensor ES2 electronics deliver a sophisticated plugged-in tone, without the quack common to under-saddle systems

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American Dream AD22e Acoustic-electric Guitar


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