Yamaha BWS251- 300 Wall Mount Bracket (Pair)


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Designed to wall-mount your studio or PA speaker, this bracket is compatible with the following Yamaha speaker models:

  • CBR15
  • CBR12
  • CBR10
  • DBR15
  • DBR12
  • DBR10
  • MSR400
  • MSR250
  • MSR100
  • C112VA
  • IF2208
  • IF2205
  • HS8I
  • HS7I
  • Not suitable for installing the speaker transversely
  • Mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, etc) not included
  • When choosing the installation location such as wall and ceiling and mounting hardware (bolts, nuts), make sure all are strong enough to support the weight of the speaker and the bracket
  • Colour: Black
  • Net weight: 4.4kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 30kg

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BWS251- 300 Wall Mount Bracket (Pair)


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