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6-string Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Ash Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, and Eucalyptus Fingerboard – Natural

You’ve Never Played an Acoustic Like This

A new addition to Taylor’s line up, the Grand Theater body shape provides a supremely comfortable playing experience. But this small-bodied acoustic sounds anything but small. It’s cutting-edge C-Class bracing pattern gives it a full and robust bass response and the power to punch well above its weight class. The GT gets its voice from a solid Sitka spruce top paired with solid Urban ash back and sides. Reclaimed from Southern California’s bustling metropolis, Urban Ash delivers a sweet tone that’s reminiscent of mahogany. As much as your ears will like the sound of the guitar, your fingers will delight at the 24-1/8-inch scale length. The lower string tension makes the strings feel light and pliable, which is perfect for fingerstyle, cowboy chords, and the occasional solo. Packing heavyweight power into a lightweight and comfortable body, the Taylor GT is sure to impress you with its sound and feel.

Meet the Grand Theater

The GT debuts Taylor’s newest body shape: the Grand Theater. Sized between the uber-comfortable GS Mini and Taylor’s classic Grand Concert body style, the Grand Theater offers the perfect blend of power and comfort. It’s capable of a full-sized guitar’s acoustic performance with the comfortable playability of a travel-sized guitar. It has a 24-1/8-inch scale length that gives the strings a softened feel akin to playing down-tuned with a capo on the first fret. You’ll love the feel of the body and the sprightly playing experience. Whether it becomes your go-to stage companion, studio workhorse, or favorite daily driver, the GT is ready for a lifetime of playing.

C-Class bracing coaxes a big sound out of a small body

If you ask Taylor Master Builder Andy Powers, a guitar is only as good as its bracing pattern. And with the limited size of the GT, a new bracing pattern is required to help it reach its full sonic potential. This small guitar introduces C-Class bracing, a proprietary bracing pattern developed to bring out a surprisingly robust bass response despite its size. C-Class bracing uses an asymmetrical, cantilevered design that strikes the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility. Like Taylor’s groundbreaking V-Class architecture, the GT’s C-Class bracing increases sustain, improves volume, enhances projection, and sharpens intonation. When you hear it for the first time, you won’t believe that a guitar this small can sound so big.

Urban Ash makes its return

One of the most recent tonewoods to be added to the Taylor lineup, Urban Ash debuted on the 324ce Builder’s Edition in early 2020. Making its return, this tonewood comes from Shamel ash trees growing in urban areas of Southern California. They grow extremely quickly, reaching heights of more than 40 feet in just 20 years, making Urban Ash readily available and more renewable than just about any other hardwood. Plus, Taylor told guitar players that Urban Ash shares many tonal properties with Honduran mahogany. It’s highly resonant, charming in the midrange, and has an exceptionally clear top end. One thing’s for sure: Your new Taylor GT’s Urban Ash back and sides will provide you with a lush tone you’ll hear each time you strum it.

Taylor GT Urban Ash Acoustic Guitar Features:

  • A small-bodied acoustic made with sustainable materials
  • Grand Theater body shape is inviting and comfortable
  • C-Class bracing facilitates a strong bass response while increasing sustain
  • Urban Ash back and sides produce a cheery tone with mahogany-like warmth
  • Sitka spruce top enhances note articulation
  • Eucalyptus fingerboard provides the snappiness of ebony in an eco-friendly package
  • Condensed scale length softens string feel for an agile performance

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GT Urban Ash Grand Theater Acoustic Guitar


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