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The Fender Malibu acoustic guitar from the 1960s is a vintage instrument produced by Fender, a renowned American guitar manufacturer. Fender is primarily known for its electric guitars, but during the 1960s, the company ventured into the production of acoustic guitars, including the Malibu model.

The Fender Malibu was part of Fender’s “California” series of acoustic guitars, which aimed to capture the spirit and vibe of the vibrant California music scene during that era. The Malibu was named after the famous beach city in California and was designed to appeal to folk and acoustic players.

Here are some key features and characteristics of the Fender Malibu acoustic guitar from the 1960s:

  • Body Shape: The Malibu featured a small, compact, and slightly asymmetrical body shape, which was comfortable to hold and play. Its design was influenced by the popular “folk” or “parlor” guitar shape.
  • Tonewoods: The top of the guitar was typically made of spruce, while the back and sides were often constructed from mahogany or maple. These tonewoods contributed to the guitar’s overall tone and resonance.
  • Scale Length: The scale length of the Malibu was shorter compared to traditional acoustic guitars. It typically had a scale length of around 24.75 inches, providing a unique playing experience and a slightly warmer sound.
  • Electronics: Some versions of the Fender Malibu came equipped with built-in electronics, allowing players to amplify their sound when connected to an amplifier or sound system. These early acoustic-electric models featured rudimentary pickups and preamps.
  • Vibrato Tailpiece: One distinctive feature found on some Fender Malibu models was a vibrato tailpiece, similar to those found on electric guitars. This added a touch of versatility to the guitar, enabling players to create pitch variations and subtle vibrato effects.
  • Styling and Finishes: The Malibu featured a clean, understated aesthetic. It typically had a natural or sunburst finish, showcasing the beauty of the tonewoods. The headstock often featured the iconic Fender logo.
  • Vintage Appeal: Today, the Fender Malibu from the 1960s holds significant vintage appeal for collectors and enthusiasts. Its unique body shape, California heritage, and association with the folk music scene of the era make it sought after by players and collectors alike.

It’s worth noting that Fender reissued the Malibu acoustic guitar in recent years, offering modern interpretations of this classic model. These reissues aim to capture the essence of the original while incorporating some contemporary features and improvements.

Overall, the Fender Malibu acoustic guitar from the 1960s is a notable piece of Fender’s acoustic guitar history. Its compact size, distinctive design, and association with the California music scene make it a fascinating instrument cherished by musicians and collectors alike.

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